Technology Empowers Learners
MF teachers use Google Translate to help English Language Learners

Marble Falls Teachers are learning how to use Google Translate to help English Language Learners understand what the teacher and other students are saying in English during classroom lessons.  For students who are learning English, sometimes keeping up with classroom written instructions or discussion can be very challenging.  With the new tools accessible to MFISD students through the technology devices provided to them for use in the classroom and at home, students can now use those tools to help reduce language barriers to their learning.

“It’s so great that students at Marble Falls High School have a technology tool they can use that does immediate translations for them of what’s happening in the classroom,” said Construction Teacher, Leonard Venghaus.  “I am using Google Translate to help my English Language Learners translate the OSHA Basic Safety training course they are completing in my Career Pathway.  They hear the learning material in English, and then the material is reinforced in their native language through Google Translate.  It takes more time for the learning, but it will help them earn an industry recognized professional certification they can use to help obtain employment in their field of study.”

MFISD Google Translate

“This is a wonderful example of how we use the technology provided to teachers and students to improve learning,” said Adam Goodman, MFISD Instructional Technologist.  “Students and teachers can activate their computer’s microphone for live translations, or type in content they need translated.  In addition to acquiring language skills, students can focus on learning the content of the lesson by taking advantage of the technology tools available to them.” 

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                   Director of Communications