Bus Driver of the Year
Bus Driver of the Year- Stanley Cox

Marble Falls ISD school bus driver, Stanley Cox, was honored at this month’s Board of Trustees’ meeting in recognition of his Property Casualty Alliance of Texas (PCAT) Bus Driver of the Year award. The award was presented by MFISD Superintendent, Dr. Chris Allen, and Transportation Director, George Hamilton.

“We’re honored to recognize the effort, sacrifice and great care exhibited by school bus drivers through the PCAT program,” said Rick Edwards, President of Edwards Risk Management. “When I consider the heartfelt praise offered by other school bus drivers, supervisors, school staff, students, and parents, it stands out in my mind that the accomplishments extend beyond competent driving.”

Cox’s PCAT Bus Driver of the Year designation is an award that is reserved for a group of district Bus Driver of the Year recipients. The Driver of the Year awards were based on multiple driver attributes; Leadership, Attitude, Perseverance, Student and Parent Relationships, and Technical Skill.

“Student Transportation in a yellow school bus continues to be the safest mode of transportation to and from school, due in very large part to the skill and dedication of those who drive school buses,” said MFISD Director of Transportation, George Hamilton. “With the PCAT Bus Driver of the Year program, we are able to recognize those drivers like Mr. Cox who have made exemplary efforts to provide for the safety, education, and happiness of school children.”

During his presentation to the Board, Hamilton lauded Cox for his positive approach with the transportation staff, teachers, and especially with the children he serves.

“Bus drivers are usually the first school staff member to greet a child in the morning, and the last staff member to see them before they are delivered to their parents at night,” said Hamilton. “Stanley and our other drivers work every day to not only safely transport our kids to and from school, but to help set a positive tone so our kids are happy and ready to learn.”

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