MFE Student Council Conducts Trial of Luke Skywalker
MFE Student Council held a mock trial

Marble Falls Elementary Student Council Sponsor, Diane Arredondo, took advantage of the current Star Wars movie craze to engage her students in a mock trial to help them learn more about the processes in our judicial branch of government. 

The mock trial, The State of Texas v. Luke Skywalker, was set up to determine whether Luke Skywalker of the Rebel Alliance, charged with the offense of criminal mischief for his actions in destroying the Death Star owned by Darth Vader, was innocent or guilty.  All MFE Student Council members and 5th grade students were invited to watch the trial. 

The Mock Trial, conducted December 5th at MFE, was supported by Municipal Court Judge Cheryl Pounds, and members of the City of Marble Falls Teen Court Program.  MFE Student Council Officers and Cabinet Members joined forces with Teen Attorneys at a pre-trial meeting at the City of Marble Falls Municipal Courtroom on Monday, November 28 at 4:30 – 6:00 pm in order to prepare for trial.  This meeting allowed participants to prepare their side for trial which included:  writing opening statements and closing arguments, determining direct and cross examinations, and learning about the role of the jury.  The meeting was critical to the success of the actual mock trial.  One week later, following an hour and a half trial, Luke Skywalker was found not guilty of the charge of criminal mischief by a jury of his peers. 

““These children prepared questions prior to the trial, but also responded to witness testimony in a very professional manner,” said Arredondo.  “This event was made possible by members of our school and communities, including, Municipal Court Judge, Cheryl Pounds, City of Marble Falls Court Clerk, Melissa Johnson, Review Attorney for the Texas Workforce Commission, Seth Smith as Luke Skywalker, MFISD School Board Member and Granite Shoals Chief of Police, Gary Boshears as Han Solo, School Resource Officer, Tim McIntyre as Storm trooper 12, and Burnet County Attorney, Eddie Arredondo as Darth Vader.”

 MFISD Board Member

Hans Solo (a.k.a. MFISD Trustee, Gary Boshears) takes the stand


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Bruce Peckover
                     Director of Communications