MFMS Choir All-Region Performers
MFMS produced 10 All-Region Choir Members

Marble Falls Middle School’s 7th and 8th Grade Choral Department produced 10 All-Region Choir members during the qualifying Choir competition October 31st. MFMS traveled with 25 students to the competition, with 10 earning the opportunity to perform with the All-Region Choir at the Georgetown Performing Arts Center last Saturday, November 7th.

“This is a VERY difficult competition among hundreds of students from Region school districts like Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Lake Travis,” said Megan Goodman, MFMS Choir Director. 

2015 Marble Falls Middle School All-Region Choir members:

  • Ben Anderson, 4th Chair, Tenor 1, Region Men's Choir
  • Faith Trapane, 6th Chair Soprano 1, 7th grade Region Women's Choir
  • Emily Moomaw, 6th Chair Soprano 1, 8th Grade Region Women's Choir
  • Beth Bray, 6th Chair, Soprano 2, 8th grade Region Women's Choir
  • Matt Martin, 6th Chair, Tenor 1, Region Men's Choir
  • Alicia Marchand, 9th Chair, Soprano 2, 8th Grade Region Women's Choir
  • Evan Kroese, 11th Chair, Tenor 2, Region Men's Choir
  • Warren Cuplin, 13th Chair, Tenor 2, Region Men's Choir
  • Lindy Grubbs, 14th Chair, Alto, 8th Grade  Region Women's Choir
  • Amy Morren, 15th Chair Soprano 2, 7th Grade Region Women's Choir

“Our students chose to participate and then committed to before and after school rehearsals,” Goodman said.  “Each student learned four difficult songs, not taught during the regular school day, one of which was in a different language such as Italian, German, or Latin.  We are very proud of our students’ efforts.  They made a very good showing for MFMS!”


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