Dr. Chris Allen
  Superintendent   Contact Info.
Jeff Gasaway
  Assistant Superintendent of Operations   Contact Info.
Dr. Wes Cunningham   Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction   Contact Info.
Dr. Susan Maughan   Executive Director of Special Services   Contact Info. 
Matt Green   Athletic Director/Head Football Coach   Contact Info.
Leslie Baty
  Director of Elementary Education
  Contact Info.
Sharon Oldham   Director of Secondary Education   Contact Info.
Mary Davidson   Director of Child Nutrition   Contact Info.
Vicki Crouse   Director of Human Resources   Contact Info.
Lisa LeMon
  Executive Director of  Finance
  Contact Info
Michael Phillips   Director of Maintenance   Contact Info.
Cord Woerner   Director of Special Programs    Contact Info.
Nathan Fink      Director of Technology       Contact Info. 
George Hamilton    Director of Transportation   Contact Info. 
Deborah Canup   Bilingual/ESL Coordinator   Contact Info.
Janna Johnson
  Counseling Coordinator   Contact Info.
Dr. Melissa Fields   Testing & Accountability Coordinator   Contact Info.
Emmett Aubry   Marble Falls High School Interim Principal   Contact Info.
Peggy Little   Falls Career High School Principal   Contact Info.
Roger Barr
  Middle School Principal   Contact Info.
Erika O'Connor   Colt Elementary Principal   Contact Info.
Bethany Birdwell
  Highland Lakes Elementary Principal   Contact Info.  
Michael Haley
  Marble Falls Elementary Principal   Contact Info. 
Susan Cox
  Spicewood Elementary Principal   Contact Info. 
Contact Info.
Contact Info.